Please help can someone please help figure out how this type of thread called?

Hello all,
Does anybody know the mechanical name for this type of thread closure?
Does anybody has any tips on making one?
Thanks a lot from advance to all,

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I don't think you'll find any charts, tables, or references for a feature like that. It is really custom made for the application. What fits, how secure, how much rotation, how much force, friction fit vs. detents.... There are a hundred variables to account for, and it won't be the same on a second device.

As a starting point, maybe try a regular thread. You can always extend the thread profile to stick way out like it does in the image. You'd have to experiment a bit with the pitch, but once you had one "fin" made, it would be easy to pattern the remainder.

The overall appearance is similar to a triple start or triple lead thread:

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What did you find it on?
I don't think it is an actual "thread" as in you'll find a table listing its major and minor diameters along with pitch and clearances. It looks more like a "thread like" feature to create a twist lock mechanism.

The best option might be to reverse engineer it with calipers, and some photos. Laser scanning can help. but seems a little overboard for this application.

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this looks like it is not a standard thread so i would be surprised if there are any thread specs anywhere, this will have been a one off as it is just for locking and is not a full thread.

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