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Please help me model this drawing. (Knob)

By Vahid Mostofi on 09 May 10:34 5 answers 380 views 8 comments

Hi, I have difficulty understanding the A-A section of this model and relating it to its Top view. It is an exercise from a book and asked readers to model it only with Revolve and Extrusion Features.

Can someone please model it for me since it looks pretty easy for experienced users and won't take more than a couple of minutes.

Or maybe show me a picture of the finished model in Solidworks so not to make it that easy for me :)

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5 answers

  • Eugeny Krauklis
    Eugeny Krauklis over 2 years ago

    Take it!
    It is done in three steps.
    It shows in Inventor 2015, but Solid works done the same.
    Good luck!


    Knob.ipt, 202 KB
    Knob.stp, 39.9 KB
  • Ilirjan Leci
    Ilirjan Leci over 2 years ago

    Try it by yourself from here.


    part11.SLDPRT, 266 KB

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