please help me out with this doubt as shown in pic

i have created 3 extrude on 3 different planes
and apply junction tool from the BIW template in GSD
now there is a slight bump as shown in the pic
the junction is not flat as it should be
so how do i correct this

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2 Answers

hello MOSKN . try to add a coupling curve to your jonction surface definition . look to my proposition . if you need any thing im here

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If you're like me, and don't have access to the BIW (Body In White) tools, this "Junction" surface can easily be modeled with the basic GSD tools.

1. start with 3 sketches (the ends of the extrusions). I broke the arcs into two, 90° segments and made them Output Features on each sketch

2. Intersect two of the sketch planes, and use this line as the center axis of a Revolute surface. Repeat for the other side.

3. Extrude the other segment for the straight back side

4. add a Fill surface between the 3 edges

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