please help me to draw this featured based model

please help me to draw this featured based model

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Step one:
Launch Catia software.

Step two:
Create features to build a 3d model of that which you've been given a 2d print of.

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I agree with Robert, you'll get much better help if you post specific questions about the problem.
That said, there is one part of the drawing which is unclear to me. It appears that the left and right views of this model must be different, but only the right side is shown.
Another view, whether left, top, or isometric would have been handy. It may not be technically needed to produce the part, but if the goal is to have the correct part manufactured in a timely and cost effective manner, then the fabricator must be supplied with enough information to prevent them from having to take a guess at the meaning of a line.
If I were given this drawing, I'd call the client and confirm the design before creating a CAD model, a quote or parts.

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Hi Hemanthnadh Bhatraju,

If you draw both external profiles on two sketches perpendicular to one another, you can than use the "solid combine" tool in the Part Design workbench. Once the initial "block" is created, you can then add the pockets, holes, etc as required.

This would be the best approach in my opinion.

We do teach the "solid combine" tool and many more tools from the Part Design workbench on our CATIA V5 Fundamentals course. You can learn more at

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