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Please help me with the problems in CATIA (surface design)

By Nutthapol Tangserisuk on 19 Apr 11:58 2 answers 188 views 2 comments

I have faced a big problem in CATIA. When I try to use every commands in CATIA the feature in the specification tree always show different one. For example, in the attach file, I use an extrude command when I finish doing this it shows up a surface in the specification tree with a red flash which cannot be modified.
How could I fix this? Please help me

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2 answers

  • Ravikanth Amajala
    Ravikanth Amajala 3 months ago

    so do one thing ,,,,off the datum feature ,,,other wise it makes that one as dump..... dump means its having no parametric .... if u want to create surface in parametric,,,u should have to go with create datum off.

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