Please help with Supercar Challenge supplied IGES model

Hi all.

I am here asking for help. My renderer loads the IGES chassis model as a single block, making it impossible for me assign materials. I can split it into parts in Alias, but it seems there are some errors happening, as when I export it into IGES from Alias, the resulting files are over 500MB in size and crash my renderer (Bunkspeed Pro) when I try to import them.

I would really really appreciate if someone could take the chassis model and split it into separate IGES files. What I need separately are wheels, chassis (with removed fenders and bonnet marker surfaces, and without glass surfaces), brakes and rims. I imagine it could be made into a single file if it's layered/grouped properly, but the safest bet is to have just separate IGES files.

I am sure it would not be a problem for some of you guys, it just that for me this is turning into a nightmare...

Many thanks in advance

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3 Answers

I imported IGES in 3dMax and I converted than in poly (otherwise it slows down the system drastically ) so I can export in 3ds as meshes

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Marius, thanks, but I forgot to mention I don't have 3DMax.

I'm getting somewhere using KeyShot 4 (killed my Bunkspeed Pro along the way...), still have it as a solid unit, but at least managed to remove the glass and markers.

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Guys, the question is withdrawn. I gave up on Bunkspeed and managed to get everything working in KeyShot.

Thanks for your attention =)

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