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Please, if anyone knows an answer, can you help me?

By Kathy Pannke on 18 Mar 00:33 5 answers 0 comments

Please, if anyone knows an answer, can you help me? My desire is to convert a single complex .STL file into POINT CLOUD data(*.xyz; *.txt; *.asc; *.vda; *.igs; *.ibl) ... Using Solid Works 2015 SP2, or Autodesk AutoCAD 2016, or Rhynoceros 5, or Mastercam X8 MU2.... I do not have the ScanTo3D add-in for SolidWorks... Or if these programs are not useful, please would anyone know what program I could use? Or even possibly help me convert themvia email?

5 answers

  • Kathy Pannke
    Kathy Pannke over 2 years ago

    Currently finished downloading Meshlab.. I'll update you tomorrow... Thank you for the suggestion...

  • Just-in
    Just-in over 2 years ago

    How did it go?

  • Just-in
    Just-in over 2 years ago

    In solidworks you should be able to import a stl file, and then save as .igs file use import diagnostics.If the import diagnostics does not work, I have heard that FreeCAD can do it, but have not tested the theory. This is a common issue. Can you get anything besides a stl? There is also a free program called anycad that translates a lot of files, it is a long shot but you might be able to convert stl to another file and use solidworks to import it. Truth is alot of stl files dont convert to a point cloud. I hear rumors of great software that can do it, but yet to see anything in action, the import diagnostic tool is the best I have seen so far.

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