Please model this in solidworks and let know the weight.

Need to verify the correct weight. Need your help folks. Choose the right material as specified in the question.

- Weight of my model: 939 grams

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I think you'll get better help if you post your work and weight to start with. I doubt anyone here wants to "reinvent" the part just for fun, but checking your model is a more reasonable request.

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I know it is a test question, but if anyone dimensions a model that way in the real world, they should get smacked with a wrench from the Machinist or Pattern Maker.
Your mass looks good, don't forget to include two decimal places (per the instructions).
Is this a timed test? With the rendering it took about 30 minutes, it could have gone a bit quicker with a second monitor or a print to read from.

Something is odd about sections LL and KK. The curved portion of the span between the two cylinders behind those sections should be shown. A small portion is displayed, but it should extend quite a bit further. I've attached a sample image of section KK.

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