please someone tell me how i can make diamond cuts inside the handle of potato peeler

i have made the complete outer body. just want to make inner diamond cuts on handle. please guide me. i attached the pictures of model and solidworks file.

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If it's support/structural ribbing that you want, I'd probably give the 'rib' feature a try. It's a great feature that allows the sketch lines to cross each other, it automatically extends the endpoints, etc.

It does have some limitations and requirements so it may take some time to get the hang of it, but it is a very handy feature.

Good luck, and have a great day!

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use ribs feature and after that you can use an extrude cut with a round profile.

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I have not been able to look at the model yet, but I don't think Ahmad is trying to add ribs, his photos make the inside of the handle look like it is formed from a multitude of small diamond shaped facets.
I think it may have to be solved by punching diamond shaped holes through the interior handle surface, then patching the holes with what could be most closely described as planar surfaces.

Sketch39 is a bit of a nightmare with gaps, so I deleted the majority of it to make a smaller and simpler example. After cutting diamond shaped holes in the handle surface, how can they then be filled in so the "filled" surface is flat, with no curvature?

I could be wrong though. Maybe his image does show ribs, but they have been filled in with something clear? It is hard to tell. Each time I look at the image, I see something different.

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