Pls anybody here to help me??

While drafting I want the lines v1 and v2 vertical in the front view and surfaces s1 and s2 horizontal in the top view..please see my uploads
thanks in advance.

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I got another method to do this,
we can insert axis system on workbench.before that draw one line on the edge v1 or v2 (in the previous file that i uploaded in question)and make that line coincide with the y axis then select the plane xy of newly created axis system as front view for drafting.we will get the perfect 90 degree in this case.the drafted file is attached here.

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When creating the views and inserting the part into the drawing, you have to click on the face that will be parallel to the drawing plane. In your images, you have the middle section as your parallel plane. That's why your outer sections are slanted. Click on the outer section surfaces instead when importing the part to the drawing. See pic for the correct surface in red).

To get the lines vertical: When importing the part to the drawing, you will see a circular icon on the top right corner. There is a small green circle that controls the rotation of the drawing. Right-click to enable "free-hand rotation" and move the green circle until the part is where you want. See the 2nd pic.

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