Pls, how can I model a simple excavator(digger).

Pls, i ve an urgent assingment to be submitted in few days: to model an excavator in Catia and simulate in Adams. I am at liberty to use my own dimension. The most important to me now is how draw this in catia(steps). Anybody plssssssssssssssssssss

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That is a really big tutorial some one would need to do if they had to show you how to do the full model...
Do you have any knowledge of Catia @ all?

The best way I could think of would be to download someone's model on here of the excavator and there is many to pick from on GrabCAD and all of very high quality - then go through the browser tree and follow the step by step they took to create there model but that is another big job in it's self but it will also teach your self how home something was made.... I am still doing that with peoples models from GrabCAD and it has helped me so much understand better ways of how to go about a model.
I wish you luck.

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