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pls suggest company logo

By mohit on 22 Mar 11:29 3 answers 2 comments

Please suggest a logo for Presscotech .

3 answers

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 4 years ago

    I believe you will get the greatest satisfaction if you design it yourselve....
    Your company, your name, your logo so make it also your design....
    You are actualy advertising for engineering and consultancy...
    Why ask others to design your logo???

  • William
    William over 4 years ago

    Hi mohit, I do agree with Hans on this one. Then again you might not be able to use software that will allow you to create your own logo in that case there is many sites out there that will have graphic designers on them and waiting for your business if you contact them for a fee you can have your logo.

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