plzz help when i try to import any reference sketch in sketch tracer the sketch appear blurry i had install catia v5r20

blurry sketch

4 Answers

I think the image size is too small, so there aren't enough pixels when you expand the image to trace over it.
Then again, in your picture, it says 1600 x 1200. Is the picture really that big? If it is, I don't know what the problem is.

this pic is big enough i tried multiple size pic .. but all the images appear blurry

I am thinking the same as Chris. Can you Upload the picture? Do you have the same effect with other pictures?


yes i m having same effects with all the pictures i tried all sizes picture . i had this problem in catia v5 r18 i thought it would be r 18 so i uninstalled r18 n installed v5r20 .but i m having same problem