Price check: Mori Seiki NMV series machines

I was wondering if anyone know the price tag to the 5-axis NMV series machines, specifically the 5000 & 8000 versions.

Thanks in advance!

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3 Answers

Unfortunately most manufacturers purposely hide their prices so that you would have to contact a dealer to check those prices. Of course your name gets in their database and you will get phone calls and emails inviting you to buy as long as you have that email account. This is a problem for most of us trying to gather information to make a bid or proposal. Contact a dealer and give as little information as you can. Good Luck my friend.

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I've tried and sent them an email, but was ignored, still haven't heard from them. So I've vaguely assumed it's ranged between $250-$500k.

Thanks Kamyar!

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The manufacturer is not prepared to talk about money issues. Call a dealer, or got to a machine shop and ask them. Thisway you get an approximate figure.

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