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Hi all,
I couldn't find any other place to post my message about this, so here it is and perhaps someone will be able to forward this to the proper people, I hope.
A couple of days ago or so, as I was trying to log on the site, a popup came up for an SSL encryption certificate that couldn't be verified, and I simply accepted it by allowing an exception for it. However since this, I can no longer log on at all with firefox, which is the browser I use most of the time. What happens is that it seems to work, accepts my login, but then I'm back to not being logged in.
I went poking around the certificate info and cookies, then deleted all cookies, but to no avail.
I used safari after that, which didn't ask about the ssl exception and it allows me to log on without a fuss, and this is what I'm using to post this message.
I rarely use safari, but something is going on with firefox and maybe there is an issue that could be addressed. (btw: I'm on mac and latest firefox/safari)

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2 Answers

Didier, if you send this information to I am sure someone from GrabCAD will look into this issue for you.

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Thanks, I didn't know what address or area on the site to use for this.
I will try it.

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