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problem when extruding a 3d sketch on a curvy surface

By Mantas Kava on 08 May 17:21 1 answer 281 views 0 comments

so i need to make a handle just like one in a picture, and im kinda close to completing it but when i try to extrude leaves they gets messed up in a strange form (example in screenshot). so whats the problem?

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Square Square


single hole 4.SLDPRT, 5.46 MB

1 answer

  • Rob
    Rob about 2 years ago

    Problem is that the extrude from the 35 sketch does not know which way to extrude. Have a look at the file attached.

    I extruded the petal from a 2D sketch, then did a surface offset, and cut away the part I did not want.

    (Keeping thing symmetrical helps!)


    single hole 4.SLDPRT, 5.31 MB

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