Problem with finishing glider wing and vertical stabilisator


Currently I am drawing a glider model in SolidWorks from existing dxf files I got from my friend. I already made fuselage but don't know how to continue because I can not connect imported wing ribs with (surface) loft function. When I connect more of them, surface is twisting down the profile. I attached the file with unfinished model, if there is anybody familiar with such things I would love to hear an answer. It also looks like dxf file has unconnected lines, but in AutoCAD is everything allright.

Thank you, Primoz

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I can't look at the file right now (on an iPad) but my guess would be that you don't have guides for your sections, if SolidWorks is anything like catia. Without guide curves connecting your sections, the computer connects the sections in seemingly random ways, which may or may not be the way you want. just put a spline connecting the trailing edges and another spline connecting the leading edges and use them when lofting.

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you should add guide curve for your surface loft. Important point is that between loft section and guide curve "Perice relation" must be added. otherwise you can't have a loft features.
An other point is that "airfoil dxf" usually are not closed. so you should do that manually.

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Try selecting the points on the trailing edge of the wing
This should eliminate twist

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