Problem with gears on solidworks! What to do?

Hi guys,
so, when i use a gear from toolbox with the feature "Create part...", i make my configurations to the component and then i save it as... here, i continue to work with it and i make some more changes to the gear (ex: extruded feature), and i save it. Ok, everything is right. Later i use it in my assembly, and everything works perfectly... but only til i close my saved assembly.
When i open this assembly again, this gear appear without my changes, then i must delete the gear that appear (equal gear, same module, number of teeth, file path and name, only without my changes), and bring my saved gear to the assembly again, and everything works good again, but of course i must make my reference mates again :/

For example, in the given image, the boss-extrude just disappear when i open my assembly.

Someone know how to solve this problem? I don't need a tutorial or a thesis about this, one answer of a few lines should be fine, thank you in advance.

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You can use the "sldsetdocprop.exe" situated in SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks \Toolbox\data utilities.
Once you have used the save as option use this executable on the saved file and set property state to no. The toolbox file will then be converted to regular part file.

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Same problem here. Any solution from above does not work.
Found the solution here:
for people who have same problem.
Best Regards!

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Update: I said that the gear has the same file path, and it does not. Suddenly the assembly point to: C:\Solidworks Data\browser\ISO\power transmission\gears\spur gear_iso.sldprt, i presume this is the toolbox folder.

And the only way i can open the assembly right, is to open the gears first, next open the assembly, and then i can close my gears, everything run smoothly if i open the gears first.

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check out Youtube there are several tutorials there on creating gears using Solidworks Toolbox.

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1. Insert the required gear from toolbox into assembly.
2. Right click on the gear and select edit part. (A new window will open showing the gear).
3. Make changes to the gear as per your requirements and then select SAVE AS option and save the part in your folder. Close the part window.
4. In your assembly delete the inserted gear and the insert the part you created from your folder.

Hope this helps

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