problem with kinematics

as cyou can see on picture i have got 4 belt connection on assembly. problem is that i started to assemble exhaust valve on right side. firt 2 valves which i gave to the assebmly and made CAM mate with camshaft are good all assebmly works i mean if i spin crankshaft all belts work. but if i give other valves to the assebmly i causes that assembly dont work that mena crankshaft and left camshaft dont spin..
Cam anybody tell me how i can assemble this assembly with full kinematic i havent clue anymore...i spent on it 2 mounths doing it but i havent clue. or does anybody know about some online learning course?

god blees you for you help

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1 Answer

I tell you must send this model if you want help. I must check this, all mates, connections, model etc.

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