Problem with PV360 render black space

black block looks like unrendered space under bridge

4 Answers

I figure it's either your GPU (drivers?) or CPU, but this is so easy to render, around 14 sec! No problems on my side.

in model my render is compete
problem is in motion study on camera1 with camera view enabled
it is solved by changing appearances from cream low glass to garage floor

thanks for render =)
im works with intel core i3 550 its to slow in render, can i render it by VGA???

Try with a smaller resolution setting in the final render option. I have an i3 at work, at home I have i7 2600K. For the same setting on the same file, i3 needs about three times more time than i7 to render.

im using my i3 in overclock mode
overclocked form 3.2ghz to 4.8ghz
1.5 times faster than normal render