Problemas opening files SolidWorks 2012

Hi guys, I study at senai and we use SolidWorks 2011 there.
Yesterday i came home and wanted to show my parents the work i did.
The problem is, at home, i used solidworks 2012, and overwrote my original files.
Today, i went back to senai, and i couldn't open any file, it said it is a future version or something like that.
I asked my teacher, he told me to go back home and save my files under the format ".igs".
I did that but when i opened it, i couldn't see all the steps i had made. So now if i want to modify something, i have to start all over again.

Does anyone have a solution for my problem? Like a program that converts to SW2011, or should i sabe in another format?

Sorry for the bad english. Long time no use.

Thanks for the time!

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2 Answers

Save as a parasolid and post on GrabCad ,x_t or step file
It can be opened in SW 2011 and use feature recognition

Or send to me in .x_t and I will try


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Hi Leandro,

Its not possible with the current version of SolidWorks. But with SWX 2013 you can open the file in Swx 2012 sp5.0

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