Problems in importing an assembly made in Inventor or (iges) to SolidWorks.

Hi, I have an assembly or iges designed by somebody else in Inventor. I exported it as STP under Inventor 2015 and imported to SolidWorks 2012. It took over a one hour or some of the file not open. After the import,import diagnostic not clear face & gap(some of the file no error). then I tried to use Feature Recognition. However, SW reported that "FeatureWorks. Part contains overlapping solids. FeatureWorks can not proceed further." In the tree on the left, I see a list of Imported objects. I cannot even edit those objects. Can anybody please help? What is the best way to import design created in Inventor to SolidWorks anyway? please give good explain .......this problem............

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i have the same problem with Solidworks 2014 , with various file i got here , some time work like a charm but some is just no way ... i think is solidworks importer is not at 100% perfect ...

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any one ans my question? clear my doubts?..................

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Good luck, I often have the same problem. (STEP or IGES will most likely both experience the same problem in Solidworks for the same object giving the issue, does not matter how you convert from the one to the other)

I give up, and usually end up redrawing the whole damn thing.
If your have another 3D CAD program, which can convert the STEP or IGES to its own native format without issues, then do this. Then re-save as individual parts (STEP) and then import these as parts. Then re-assemble.

Believe me, I have SW-2105, and have the same issue on lots of part files downloaded from manufacturer's sites or part library sites. Certain drawing operations in other 3D programs are allowed, and when then analysed by Solidworks, end up with illegal / unresolved / unknown things in SW.

Please read:

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