Product Assembly Stress Analysis in CATIA

Would someone explain step by step how to analyze FEM two parts of simple tubes (see drawing) in CATIA ? expalanation w/ pictures would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi Friend, good morning!!

First of all, let me tell you, could you explain me in where is installed these tubs, whats is exactly the function? maybe you will install in a motor bike, or in an engine reduction velocity, this is my question this is to start analyze these tubs. I dont know if I am explaining you, or in another words what is the next assembly with these tubs, could you send me another picture? to have more ideas how to analyze, and give you some additional tips.

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Hello mate !

Picture given is just a simple example of what i am doing currently. Actually its an assembly of a rollcage, but i dont have any idea where or what do i have to do with to analyze it. If you could do me a favour just do a simple load case (e.g a force on one bar and a clamp on other) with the 2 bar i gave (or make it of your own assy). I thought if i could make the first step, the rest of it would be just a repitition (maybe). I would like to know what kind of joints or restraints that make the analysis work.

Thank you

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