ProgeCAD Professional 2013 (AutoCAD similar - software) - Need helpful advice??

Hi Everyone,

As the title suggest I am sort of "New" to the CAD world. I recently got ProgeCAD Professional 2013 - I just couldn't afford AutoCAD - so I bought PC and Simlab Render - creates professional quality renderings.

I took a few CAD classes in college for more credits while I was working on my automotive engineering degree. While in school I used AutoCAD and I think Solidworks also to design automotive and motorcycle parts. I wasn't very good at it but I was able to get by.

That was over 10 years ago, fast forward to now, I become severely disabled at the end of 2011 after I developed and aggressive form of palsy. I decided with that I was going to get back into designing as a way to get rid of some boredom and get a hobby that I can enjoy again! I love designing and creating hand drawn motorcycle renders (choppers and old style bobbers).

I bought AutoCAD for Dummies (as I read from several CAD sites that ProgeCAD: Pro is VERY similar to AutoCAD - although, slightly different in menus - placement and such). While it does help some, its kind of a difficult read as far as diving in and reading.

My question is:

1. I have looked through this site but I am having trouble figuring out which ones are more beginner based that still has a variety of task.

2. What are things that would help me improve my skills? I am trying to spend time just messing around with basic shapes but I seem to have forgotten more of what does what!!

Thanks, Zac.

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Hi Zac,
I have been enjoying CAD work for over 6 years now. I teach part time for the joy of teaching. I can't stress enough that practice, practice; practice is the best Teachers aide out there. It doesn't matter what it is just design and enjoy yourself. Most of the models I have done here I include the plan as well, so check them out. Also, there are plenty more out there. As far as the difficulty, the harder ones can get frustrating but that’s how you learn. I can only teach what buttons to push. It’s the individual person who gets their own rhythm and the more you do the more you will enjoy. Hope this helped.

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also, Autocad for dummies is the worst book you could ever learn from.

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Thanks for the reply. That is kind of what I figured, I am starting to re-figure things out, its going slow but it is going. Like I said its simply a hobby at this point but I am hoping to turn it into a way to help me financially down the road.

I am also learn the book isn't the greatest book - the way its written, everything is scattered out and not really structured well.

Right now the best help that I have come across is this forum - YOU GUYS ROCK with the tutorials, they are VERY well written (especially the aspect that the fact that they all have pictures to go by!!

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