Proper prong size and positioning for Pave Setting

When modeling a gold ring in Pave setting with 1mm small diamonds, the total height
of the diamonds are just about 0.6mm and will be projected just about 0.2mm(from
lower girdle to the table surface) from the gold surface. I do not want to have post-casting
process for the prongs, so I have to model the prongs for the small diamonds precisely.

As I know the top of the prongs should be lower than the diamond's table and on the other hand, the length of the prongs which will be projected from the gold surface
should be greater than 0.4mm! To set the prong lower than the table, the length should
be less than 0.2mm, however, to set the prong greater than 0.4mm, the prong top will
be higher than the table!! This is contradiction to me~

I attach a photo about this subject. Please somebody help me get out of this paradox.

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1 Answer

If you try to do Jewelry it is easier when you know how to set the stones. If you go that way you will have big problems, you will need to press too hard to bend a prong that short, the money that you are thinking to save that way is going to disappear fast, when the stones broke.

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