PSA - using simple keyboard bindings you can improve your work speed :)

I decided to show a few key bindings i've used for quite some time that has improved my work speed atleast 20-30%.

Feel free to add in your own keys :)

2 Answers

Here they are, also corresponding pictures below :)


Smart dimension: CTRL+SHIFT+D
Line: L
Centerline: SHIFT+L
Center reqtangle: CTRL+SHIFT+R


Fillet: CTRL+F
Extrude: CTRL+E
Thicken: CTRL+T
Revolve: CTRL+R
Sweep: CTRL+P(ctrl+s was already taken)
Extruded Cut: CTRL+Y

Answered with a tutorial:

Instead of these many keys,
Shortcut Bar customization is the best
Here are some shortcut tips I created
They are very useful
Please click "it worked" at the end of my tutorial if you like them :)