Pulley design in SolidWorks.


I Wont to design a pulley system with 3 pulleys. I know the dimensions of each pulley and speed of the drive pulley. Using solidwork motion study or any other method how could I decide the upper of my third pulley. Speed of motor A=1400rpm B=?

Thank you.

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A_radius/NONAME_radius x NONAME_radius/C_radius x 1400rpm = B_speed

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Ok. Got Your comment H.U.Manupriya

I did this way:

0) Make assem
1) Go to Motion Analysis (it is SW Premium Add-in)
2) Add motor. I have pulley A running 200 RPM with motor (photo 1)
3) Calculate and play motion analysis
4) Click Results and Plots and select like I (photo 2)
5) Click ok and You get result plot (photo 3)

As You see in result, angular velocity, for pulley C is 480 deg/sec => 480/6 = 80 RPM

Comments are Wellcome, since this was my first Motion Analysis.

PS. In my SW, if I want to fix the motor speed. I must delete motor and place it again. When just editing motor speed result plot goes "crazy".

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