Question for Admins ('cheat' in number of CAD model downloads)

Maybe a daft question, but I've done something daft so the related question by default should be equally daft... I've uploaded a CAD model today, and when I tried to D/L it (so it would show in my profile), I received an error report*. Being unsure what was happening, I retried (several times) and only in the end noticed that system logged each attempt as successful D/L. In a grand scheme of things, I would think the whole thing amounts to a diddly squat- but I'd feel much more at ease if admins (if possible) took a look at my Shock Absorber model and remove 3 downloads... I presume no. of DLs affects members ranking, so in the interest of fair-play, I'd be much more comfortable if those 3 (unsuccessful and 'foolish') DLs of mine would get expunged from the record. Thanx in advance.

* it happened when trying to DL models from other members, but I'm concerned with inaccurate no. of DLs displayed for my model

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actually any click will be counted regardless of what happens after that. if you just click on any model then you cancel the download, the system will still count that as a download.

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You can cheat, but that doesn't take you very far. Great models are receiving a lot of natural visits and downloads. The download count is mainly for original autohor.

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