Question: How do I change the geometry of this parametric model?

How do I change the geometry of this parametric SolidWorks model using equations, when I don't know SolidWorks and am unsure of how the model is built?

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The model is defined by four variables, that can be changed to generate new variations of the geometry.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Have just updated the SolidWorks model so that all parameters can be changed by using equations.

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I also made this on solidworks 2013 without using equations, just use few commands- helix and surface loft with some guide curves and then use pattern for number of blades. So you can easily make this in less then 5 miniutes.

you can download from here-Archimedes spiral wind turbine + Video Tutorial
It is an imported model but i also have model with commands which i attach in the comment

It is very easy you can use loft and helix command to change the geometry such as daimeter, angle of attack etc

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