Questions about doing a RC Car for graded unit.

I am doing a RC Car for my graded unit and would like a little bit of feed back of you guys with some questions.

1. What other stuff would you like to see added to a RC Car.

2. What problems do you think needs addressed with current models of RC Cars.

3. If you could pick a body style for the shell what would you like.

4. How much would you spend on an RC Car if you were going to buy one.

5. How fast would you say was fast enough for an RC Car.

Thank you in advance for any questions you answer.

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3. no shell or something futuristic.
5. 140kmph

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1. Roll Cage- Especially if it is an off road vehicle. Ive broken so many body posts and messed up so many shells. I often run mine without the body anyways so it would be nice to have a little extra protection.

2.Durability and simplicity are my main things. I don't want to spend a hour taking out screws just to replace a stripped diff gear.

3. Any sort of "baja" style shell would work for me. Like I said I run mine alot without the body so a roll cage body would be cool.

4. If its worth it probably $400-$500.

5. With the new lipo batteries and brushless motors anything under 50 mph is slow (60-70mph would be ideal). I did gas powered before and it isn't worth it when you compare the simplicity and power of a brushless system. No engine tuning, no messy fuel, quiet electric motors and tons of power and torque.

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1. Brakes's lights, for stetic only.
2. More investigation about electrical engines, better atmosphérics.
3. I wish old models.
4. No more 300 €.
5. I don´t like be too fast, I prefer another benefits.

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Roll cage or high durable plastic shells that don't crack easily.

2. Amount of parts could be reduced some types are somewhat over engineered. Different material choices.

3. I prefer rally style.

4. Around £300

5. I prefer battery, hopefully around 50-60 for price range. :)

Hope this helps :)

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William I don`t have much experience with RC cars, so not all my answers might prove to be usefull
1. Flame thrower/Rocket launcher lol, just kidding :) a roll cage sounds like a sound idea
2. Controllers / on board cameras
3. American muscle (60s-70s)
4. no idea
5. 75mph, I think that`s about warp 7.5 :D

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1. Roll cage is a must, as are durability and reliability.
2. It's been too long since I was actively involved to comment on the current models.
3. Body style either Pick-up Truck, or Rally car for me, but the right design would allow for many choices by the customer.
4. Under US$300, as is but I would want to have a upgrade path to gain performance.
5. To start-off something of a moderate speed, with a lower price point, and an upgrade route to gain speed.

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I don't think this would be much of a help since I quite this when I was young.
All my cars were trucks, rally style is nice too. As customizable as possible.
I hated anything that runs on petrol, too messy for me, electric motors were the best even if they weren't that fast.

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I just saw your email William :)

1. Inertial sensors/optical navigation
2. I would say "battery life" is the most obvious one. (what about hybrid)
3. Rally/Race
4. under $200 (I would rather build my own RC than buying complete one).
5. 70 mph.

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William I just checked my email sorry. I am like Stef ..I don`t have much experience with RC cars.
1. Flame thrower sounds good to me too (not kidding)
2. Not sure have not got any experience to draw from
3. A 3 Wheeler of course !!!
4. Haven't got a clue what they cost (remember I am an old fart)
5. 75mph, with some wheely-bars sounds like fun

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I think that roll cage/ component protection would be the biggest bonus from this thread. My favorite RC car platform was the "Grasshopper" it was an entry-level type that was reliable, upgradeable, and could be made into either a truck style or baja style vehicle. It came as a kit with optional parts. I would suggest that goals should be: +durability/reliability/simplicity +customizable +performance +low cost, in that order.

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