[Quite urgent] Back flushing part numbers into BoM

Hi all, i am working on a project where we are installing an MRP system for production and after some initial discovery research I saw that when out product was in development stage the engineering drawings referenced to generic items (push buttons and etc) and did not have specific part numbers in the BoMs produced.
I now have these components numbered and have vendor information, is there a way in Solid Edge to back flush the part numbers into existing models to produce a full engineering BoM that we need to use for the MRP system?

Solidedge is not my preferred package so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance GrabCad community!

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1 Answer

Open Solid Edge, system button, Information, Properties manager, select all the parts you need to edit.

You can also use the property manager on an open assembly to see all the property of contained occourences

The data are shown in a table, you can configure what column to see and in what order.

Copy paste from excel is working

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