Radiosity in SolidWorks (Photoview 360)

Question by Romée

Hi all.
My question is pretty simple. I have a powerful light. When I put a colored object above my light in my scene, the reflection on the floor isn't colored at all.
I asked a friend of mine who's use to render in 3DSMax and it told me it was due to radiosity settings. No sign of radiosity in the photoview settings nor solidworks' materials settings.
I would like my floor a bit colored by the reflection of the colored object.
Thank you very much.

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3 Answers

Tommy Mueller
Answered on 11 Oct, 2013 12:11 AM

The setting you may be looking for in Solidworks is "Direct Caustics" and it's parameters should be used in combination with materials/appearances applied to the object.

Another method is adding a point light, and "fixing" it's location near or on your object. This creates a single-point-light-source for your rendering scenes and adds flexibility to the final render output and scene composition.

Hope it helps :)

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Answered on 11 Oct, 2013 10:44 AM

Thank you Tommy.
The direct caustic didn't worked so well but the light added just below the object was a very good idea.

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Stephen Nyberg
Answered on 10 Oct, 2013 09:42 PM

Can you provide the file so we can play around with it?

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