Rather than upload a complex model as parasolid, can I simply upload a link to the cloud based CAD design.

I have a fairly complex horizontal stream engine I designed and run. I have a complete model including all parts, sub- assemblies and top level assembly I want to make freely available to everyone. Currently it is in the public domain within Onshape.

Rather than exporting to parasolid, then uploading to GrabCad, I want to simply upload the hyperlink to the model where everything is available for anyone to download.

Can I do this?

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You can upload your model as solidworks format, this is accepted. Or upload an IGS or stp file, these formats are very extended and normalized

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In the description of the model, you can put a hyperlink, for sure

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Attaching a URL to the model requires that anyone trying to use it also has Onshape.
GrabCAD also requires that 3D data is attached when a model is uploaded, otherwise it does not seem to appear in any search results in the library.

As Carlos suggested, exporting and uploading a Step, Parasolid, SAT, or IGES model will allow everyone to make use of the model in their preferred CAD system.

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