Regarding seperation of drawing from .prt file

suppose we are made some "ABC.prt" file in that we are made some drafting,now i want this drawing is seperate in .Prt file means we have two seperate Prt files, one is "ABC.prt " & other is "ABC.dwg.prt" and this "ABC dwg.prt" file is associated with "ABC.prt" file ,then what i do for such cases

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You must open new folder and save the dwg.prt file in that folder and it must seperate the dwg file form prt file

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You save the dwg.prt file as seprate name for eg. if the prt file named as abc and you named the dwg.prt file as ab-c like that also you separate the file

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Hi Nitin,

To do this you need to work according to the master model method. What you do is you create the ABC.prt file you save it and then you create a new file, this new file will be dwg.prt.

Answered with a tutorial:

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let me explain step by step
1) i made ABC.PRT model
2) In that model i have made drafting
so if i do as per your instruction then again i want to make drafting for that master model
so i dont want to re draft all drawing i want the drawing that is already made in original ABC.prt file,so how i can seperate this drawing to master modeling

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Try this..
1.Since you have your drafting already on your ABC.prt, rename it to ABC.DWGFMT.prt. and delete all the modelings youve done. The drawing will still be there but are outdated.
2. Now open the ABC.prt file you previously created and delete the drawings on it
3. So you have two files now.(ABC.prt & ABC.DWGFMT.prt). All you have to do is make an assembly with ABC.DWGFMT.prt as the main and ABC.prt as the component.
6. After you create the assembly you just need to update the outdated drawings and thats it.
Hope it helps.

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1. make current file Save As with new name.
2. Delete the model history from that part.
3. Go to add component from assembly mode and choose that part with absolute origin position.
4. Now go to Drafting and update the drawing.
5. Later you can delete the drawing sheet from master component.

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