Removing renders from solidworks models

How I can remove a render from solidworks model? Sometimes renders in solidworks are disturbing.
I mean photo view effects.

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In Tools Add-Ins unmark Photoview 360 ( you can use later when it needed)

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If you mean that stored during rendering, try restarting SolidWorks that will erase the rendering done in last session.

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With the model open highlight the model icon at the top of the features tree, hover and right click, click on appearances, hover over remove all part appearances and enter. This will remove all renders from the model and put it to a neutral image.
Hope this was what you were asking for...:-)

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If you want to get rid of the scene, just hover over the apply scene button ( 9th one along at top of model window of the 10 that are available) hit the down arrow and click on 3 point faded, this is the default scene and is neutral.... hope this helps... :-)

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