rendering in Solidworks (with decals) they dont show up

I have very simple golfball that I have added two decals (jpeg image less than 1000kb). Please check image 2 that I have capture from SW

#1 question
when I render with one decal by it self it renders in Photoview but with both decals on render does not work (preview, final render ect). Is it casue "A" decal is on top of the "B" decal? I also have tried put decal in order.

#2 question
If I put one decal on the golfball (or just ball shape), why do they show up on the other side of the ball, if I put decal front of the ball, the decal also show up on the back side of the ball with decal mirrored image). Is becasue I have selected projected view in decal option?

please help me.


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1 Answer

Try to put decals in assembly mode.
Just make a assembly with one ball.
I puted 2 different decals with succes.
In assembly click on decals,
Choose whole assembly in geometry, and spherical in mapping.
In my case it works - second decal is not mirrored.
By the way your ball looks super!

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