Rendering photo realistic animation

Hi, I was trying to render a 12 sec solidworks animation video using photo view 360 at 1280*720@ 24fps. But it's took my PC (i7 860) about 15hrs . It took this much time for the maximum quality, I even tried it with other best/ good qualities but I'm not satisfied with the video quality. I was wondering, is there any other alternative rendering software that I can import the solidworkd animation/ assembly data and render it there..? It could be better if it can use GPU rendering since its much faster than regular photoview360's CPU rendering.

I'm a student so cheaper/ softwares that gives free 30 day free trial will be better for me.

Thanks in advance

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Try Autodesk Showcase. I have rendered some ~30sec animations (also 720p, 24fps) with it, but on a weaker PC (i5 750, GTS240) and they took about 15 hrs each. User-friendly and easy to learn software.
Oh, and Autodesk provides free software for students, so I guess it's cheap enough;)

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