Repointing Views in CATIA V5 When Pasting Views

We've moved to a new version of CATIA with a customer's plugin and I'm having trouble copying and pasting old views from a drawing onto a new drawing. Rather than needed to redo every drawing, I was told I could copy and paste the views from the old drawing into a new one, but when I do that the projection view doesn't seem to be tied to the original view. I can move the projected view anywhere on the sheet, and it doesn't keep the relationship to the original view. I was told I could fix this by having the views "repointed to the 3D" by editing the links, but I can't figure out how. I have the model open when I'm trying to do this. I'm using CATIA V5 R29.

1 Answer

1st, you need the 3d part file handy. 2nd, copy the front view first. and if it does not autolink and update, then go to file desk and right click on the red file find and point it to the right catpart

Other views can be linked like this:
Right click on border -> view positioning -> position according to refference view.
Or set relative to, or align them using objects.

But for converting, can't you just open normally the old catdrawing and just save as the new format?