restore old Soldi Works File

I have a corrupted solid works assembly, how do i restore a file from last week or see what files are available.

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Tools - Options - Backup/Recover
See if, and where you've set the option to create backup files. I always set mine to create 2 backups. I've never seen the option to automatically remove old backups work.

I don't think this setting is enabled by default. It is something which you'd have to setup prior to there being a problem.

Windows sometimes makes copies of files. That might be another option to look into if the SW setting was not enabled.
SW VARS can sometimes repair a corrupted file. It may be worth a try if it is lost, or requires a lot of work to rebuild.

How/why is the file corrupt? I believe the leading cause of corrupt files is working over a network. But, give us an idea of how this occurred so we can take steps to prevent it from happening.

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