Roatational Assembly Fastening of cams and other stuff

I have come across this problem several times and always have had a problem figuring things out. The way I used to fasten cams and other things that get fastened to a rod or crankshaft is to create another hole in the rotating rod and align that to the hole of the cam or the part that get fastened to it. Now In the assembly below. The Cam thing next to the flywheel is fastened to the rod with a bolt that goes in the little hole. For Solidworks assembly purpose how do I get the cam to follow the rotation of the rod? what type of mate do I use?

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A couple different ways I think,
a concentric mate on the bolt holes or
a coincident mate on a plane in each part, the plane would need to be coincident with the rotational axis, or
a parallel mate if the plane isn't coincident with the axis but it would still need to be parallel.

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