Robot Legs help/ideas

Hello everyone.

Sorry for needing to post often but I seem to be finding all the flaws in solidworks as to what it cannot do. This is most likely another thing it cant do but thought I would ask anyhow.

So going out of my normal CNC technique and of course, this causes issues because of my lack of knowledge.

What I am trying to create is somewhat of a cartoon robot leg. The photo attached is an example of what I am trying to make. Sorry for it not being perfect since it as a 2 minute photoshop build to try and show my goal.
There arent really gaps in between each section but I am trying to get the leg to look like hocky pucks with chamfered edges, and to get smaller as it goes down to the feet. Issue I have is I can make the legs but I cannot get them to look like multiple pieces or have the triangular cuts in them.

Anyone have any ideas that I can try or know how I can make this happen?

The center curve is a 3d sketch, so its not in just one plane as well.

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3 Answers

Made you a robot leg....
Used SW2014 to do it (hope you can open it)
Explanation....2 sketches on 2 planes, guided curve (loft boss base)
a few cuts through the model and tatataaa....a robotic leg.
Hope this is what you are searching for.....

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Perhaps you know this, perhaps not....
It is so than not all the commands are present in the default toolbars.
You can add right on the upper toolbar, window customize left (bottom) / click commands left / choose the required category / find the required (missing) command and simply pull it to the toolbar of the chosen category

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