Rotating a model in decimal values in SOLIDWORKS 2013 assembly (0.58 degree)

In Assembly model is rotate from origin by 0.58 degree angle.Now in all view its look like cross from origin not in right angle.In sketch also drawing is in right angle of origin but model is cross.please help me how can i rotate the model in decimal values (0.58 degree) or reset it to right angle to origin in solidworks assembly.

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3 Answers

A screenshot or the files may be helpful. From my understanding, you can simply select the very first component, remove the fix constraint and rotate it by 0.58 degrees and then fix it again.

Hope I understood the question correctly.

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Go for angle mate option if it is assembly.

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If your part is rotated at 0.58º then try mating the planes of the parts with assembly reference planes after removing "Inplace" or Fix/Lock mates.

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