Round modelling in Fusion 360


can someone tell me how to model "around a round object" in F360? (Or a term searching for it effectively)
I know the basics, this object also wouldn't be a problem for me, but these 3 "stripes", i have no idea how I could bend them like that :/
I attached a picture to clarify what i mean, hope that helps *.*

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Use revolve boss. First draw your requirement then you can change into revolve boss

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at first sketch it one part then revolv it........

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Hi, Noah! so, you have the object, then use a construct "tangent plane" afterwards use a sketch and draw up one stripe -> extrude sketch type "cut" -> extrude new body -> add fillet -> create->circular pattern body/feature specify numbers of stripes -> enjoy^^ I have attached F360 archive check it out

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Dear Noah, It was nice challenge and yes it can be done with Fusion 360.
I attached the link to the method.
Rolling the Roller

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