Round plastic Tube Picker

I'm working on a machine, that needs to pick and move round plastic tubing. The loader will dump a few tubes and then the picker goes and has to grab only one tube at a time.
Right now its working ok, with similar jaws as the picture, but sometimes it picks up more then one.
Any suggestions on a better jaw design, maybe?

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Is it possible to have them filter down into one row so your picker would not have any problems grabing just one?

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It filters down to a V - Tray, then the picker comes down a grabs a tube.
We have various diameters of tube, but we only work with one diameter at a time. So we need something that will work with all sizes.
Attached you'll find what we have in place right now, and we are trying to improve.

Right now, we load a bunch of tube to the bulk loader, then the V-Tray retracts against the bulk loader, which then, the bulk loader dumps a few tubes into the V-Tray. The V-Tray moves forward to line up with the picker. Picker comes down and grabs one tube to move to the next operation. The issue we have is, not always, but sometimes it grabs more then one tube.

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maybe if you applied a reducing dipping jaws single pipe diameter

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Considering also what Tomek advised...
I believe you are looking for something similar to the attached

P.S. Let me know if you strangle it with the comments...


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Thanks for the input guys... i kinda like Ioannis idea.

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