Rubber expansion - Keyshot animation

Hi guys,
I want to animate a rubber hose' expansion when pressure is applied. My idea is to increase the diameter with 20-30% and decrease the length with 10-15% at the final stage. I've done this in the past with Solidworks but I prefer Keyshot as it gives me more options for control. Combining SW and Keyshot is not an option because of the different material apperances, lighting and environment the two softwares have.
Please see the attached samples of the initial and the inflated states of the hose.

Thank you!

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A way to make do it is to modeling all the positions you need of the movement, as if you modelling frame by frame, and you do a gradient effect in keyshot animation to appear the next position and disappear the previous.

keyshot does not give you option of giving this effect of simulation of physics

This can simulate the effect of bending, elasticity and compression that you may require, but it will be just the illusion of animation.

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keyshot is only for product virtualization& translation and camera effect to give u a intro to ur product.

if u want compression and simulation animation try houdini.

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