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Is simulation possible in NX 8?

By gopi on 10 Jun 13:41 4 answers 2021 views 2 comments

is simulation possible in nx 8

4 answers

  • John Smith
    John Smith almost 5 years ago

    yes, all simulations are possible in nx 8 as long as you have the license

  • Davin
    Davin almost 5 years ago

    Of course! In fact, here's a video of a simulation i did using NX 7.5 (a boring 1min 39 sec video, but this is just to show you that the simulation work)..then i open it run the simulation on NX 8.0 (see the jpeg) and it worked well...


    simulation.mp4, 8.04 MB
  • e19
    e19 almost 5 years ago

    yes,FEA analysis uses nastran solver,motion simulation also there,also topology optimization

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