Scared of my future in solidworks

I am krishna.D,working as a design engineer(solidworks) in Architectural and Structural design. Actually i am scared of searching job in the same profile,the reason is no companies will use solidworks for architectural and structural design,so i have planned to switch to mechanical field using solidworks tool experience,so please guide me what i have to do in future.

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Hi Krishna

From what I can deduct you are proficient in Solidworks? As far as I could pick up, Solidworks are very popular in Structural (steel work) and Mechanical environments.

I would recommend expanding you knowledge in both directions: software and technical.

Software: I'd recommend you learn something like Inventor and Solid Edge. You will find that the software is very much alike - meaning you should be able to learn your way around them quite easily. This should be the fastest way.

Technical: My experience is that your technical knowledge will drive your career more than your CAD knowledge. The employers would rather send you for CAD training than start your technical carreer from scratch.

End of the day both paths will get you there... may you prosper in whatever direction you choose. :)

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Hi Krishna

I am in no position to help anybody with getting work. We're in South Africa - even here work is getting very scarce. I don't know of any businesses here that is using Solidworks.

Sorry about that... :(

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