Screw conveyor modeling machine in Solidworks?

Hello everyone! I am wondering if it is possible to make some kind of tool or give dimensions in some kind of order so by changing some of the the whole model will change. For example I have the same diameter screw conveyor the only things that change are inlet, outlet, length, screw pitch and angle. For example for length you have to change only chute and screw, so how you can connect these dimensions so that by changing length of the chute, screw length will also change?

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To solve your Problem you will definilety Need to define a lot more dependency. But it will become easy and faster with the time. Hope the tutorial answers your query.

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Hello you are probably looking for 'equation' Feature of solidworks.
I can give you an easy example below:

Lets assume you want a cylinder which has an height of 3/4 th of its Diameter.
And you want to Change only the Diameter value and let the SW Change the rest.

Answered with a tutorial:

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