Seeking your suggestion in designing a shredder. Please see attached attempts.

I am trying to design a small shredder (8cm x 5 cm shredding area) to shred plant material into mulch. I designed & printed the blades using autodesk inventor/makerbot 3d printer (pics below) however the design did not work as expected. The shaft was too thin (3mmx3mm) and the blades being plastic simply didn't move, even with 10kg/cm torque.

Can someone recommend a good design suggestion that would work with plant/fiber material (think rope like stuff)? Are there off-the-shelf steel circular blades that I can use to achieve this? I only found "Gyro circular blade" but that had a round hole so it wont lock with the shaft. Anyone knows if there is some place where I can get the blades like in the image below custom made without breaking the bank? Will appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

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the gyro blade has three holes so you could just make a plate that engages with the shaft that has two extrusions to engage in the two non-center hole.

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