segregate sub assm from main assm -solidworks

can any body tell me how to make sub assm from main assm which is made by many parts. is it possible in solidworks? pls help me

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4 Answers

Select the components you want to be one assembly in the feature manager design tree, right click then click on Form New Sub-assembly Here.

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W.Wolf is right ..... but be aware the the mates that hold those part to the main assy will disapear .... you wil need to re-mate the nealy creat sub assy back to the main assy.

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You can Insert existing assemblies into SW
After insertion make them flexible or fixed as required and mate
This lets you work on one area at a time and also create a library of components

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So, you want to make from an assembly (for example) 50 parts an assembly with 25 parts?

Wouldn't it be simpler to just delete the parts you do not need, and save that assembly under a different name? (so you end with 2 assemblies)

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